Monday, June 08, 2009

Out now - it's The Next Big Thing!!

I am very proud to be carrying the debut release by THE NEXT BIG THING.

The band is an acoustic trio featuring pop journalist/musician Gary Pig Gold, and musicians Shane Faubert and Jeremy Lee. NBT-4-CNP (Next Big Thing For Cut And Paste) is an incredibly tuneful, energetic recording, and is loads of fun to listen to! For a little more info on the band I thought I would include what they wrote for their press release:

Here’s the Story…..

SHANE FAUBERT pioneered New York City’s garage-pop explosion with The Cheepskates.
GARY PIG GOLD started up Canada’s very first music fanzine
“The Pig Paper.”
JEREMY LEE joined with The Cheepskates right after auditioning for
The New Monkees.

Then Gary moved to New York upon releasing the “Valentino’s
Pirates” album on Russia’s Melodiya label.

Shane asked Gary to help produce two of his solo albums,
“San Blass” and then “Squirrelboy Blue.”

Meanwhile, Jeremy found a Cajon drum while shopping in his local
music store.

so Finally,

Tired of sitting around waiting for that Next Big Thing to appear,
Shane invited Gary, Jeremy, and the Cajon over to his house,
they took out some guitars, opened their mouths,
and out came the sounds Cut And Paste now bring to your house!
If you’d like to see, hear, and know even more,
please visit

So, to add my personal note here...if there are any indie labels out there interested in actually releasing this album to a much wider audience, please visit the band's web site and get in touch with them! This is one of the best indie releases I've heard in a long long time, and it really deserves a huge audience.

In the's available for $5 ppd. from Cut And Paste! Make checks or money orders payable to Ray Carmen (not Cut And Paste Records). Cash is accepted but please cover it well. Send all your hard-earned moolah to :
Cut And Paste Records 2996 Upham Dr Akron OH 44319 USA. Get it! Got it? Good!

track lisiting:

1. Get It (2:49)
2. Right Down The Middle (2:05)
3. A Shaky Start (0:24)
4. Mary Anne With The Shaky Hands (1:57)
5. Start Again (0:12)
6. Goodbye To Greatness (3:19)
7. Echo (3:02)
8. Float Me On The River (rehearsal excerpt) (0:32)
9. Make Believe In You (3:06)
10. Devoted To You (excerpt) (0:31)
11. Bye Bye Love (2:18)
12. Woman In Paradise (3:15)
13. Interlude (0:38)
14. The Next Big Theme (excerpt) (0:42)
15. Interluxe (0:48)
16. Love Is All Around (excerpt) (0:26)
17. Revolution (excerpt) (0:25)
18. Everything's Changed (Since 9/11) (2:39)
19. Can It Get Any Worse (2:20)
20. I Don't Want To Stay (2:05)
21. Any Way You Want It (2:43)
22. The Story Of Paul (2:14)
23. Float Me On The River (3:24)

The Next Big Thing is:
Shane Faubert - vocal, guitar, keyboard
Gary Pig Gold - vocal, guitar
Jeremy Lee - vocal, the box

Produced by Gary Pig Gold
Recorded at Dubway Studios, NYC (Al Houghton, engineer)
and at Shane's House (Jeremy Lee, engineer)
Cover art, photography and design by Shane Faubert
Cuisine by Alison Faubert
The Next Big Thing has been getting airplay on KKUP's No Pigeonholes show in Cupertino, CA, Pop Garden Radio on WMEL in Cocoa, FL, on the internet on the Power Pop Plus Radio show --Radio New York International, and on the This Is Rock And Roll Radio show on Westcott Radio in Syracue, NY.
Look for a review of The Next Big Thing in the June issue of The Lance Monthly at, which will be posted the first week of June!
Check out this awesome video of The Next Big Thing's performance at the International Pop Overthrow Festival, November 6, 2009!